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Two Katerynas Goat Farm and Chesnykivskyi Cheese in the Top of ProCheese Awards

ProCheese Awards, a large-scale cheese art festival, took place in Kyiv on May 22-23.

The event showcased more than 200 exclusive types of cheese from all over Ukraine, representing 24 cheese farms. Also, a record of Ukraine has been set during the festival – the largest, 9m-long cheese platter.

The international jury selected the top 12 kinds of cheese of Ukraine within the Best Cheese of Ukraine contest. The top contenders included Carpathian Taste PU producers – Two Katerynas Goat Farm (Liutiy (Forte) cheese in the category: fresh cheese) and Chesnykivskyi Cheese (Norbert cheese in the category: semi-hard cheese).

ProCheese Awards 2021 is a national competition open to any cheesemaker, regardless of their size and production volumes, as long as they comply with safety and hygiene requirements.  The winner will represent Ukraine on the international stage for the first time.