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Holytsia Cheese Farm

Dairy products

Kateryna Ilkiv
145 I. Franka Street, village of Tukhlia, Skole raion, Lviv region
+38 (067) 524 74 79
Dairy products

Holytsia Cheese Farm is a cosy, welcoming spot in the Carpathians. It is located among picturesque forests and mountains in the heart of the hospitable Tukhlia. Here, the owner, Kateryna Ilkiv, and her assistants keep goats, sheep and rem.

  • My passion is my home, the Carpathians. It inspires and gives strength to follow dreams.
  • I am proud of living in our beautiful mountains, making artisan cheeses, and writing my own history.
  • Trust for me means satisfied customers who come back to the cheese farm to buy their favourite cheeses. Thank you for trusting our products.

The goat milk comes from our own milk farm (village of Tukhlia). All the animals have a free range of pasture (the 2-ha farm is open, and protected with a fence), hay and grass are harvested at the farm, and additional cereals for feed are bought from local farmers of the region. All this is a sign that no extensive production is taking place. There are several beehouses. In the summertime, the farm also gathers wild berries, mushrooms, wild grasses and herbs. They are currently making jams, honey and syrups and are considering making sauces. Holytsia cheese farm specialises in making goat milk cheeses.

The assortment includes mature and young cheeses and bryndza: traditional goat milk cheese, Circassian cheese, cheese with thyme, young cheese, semi-hard cheese, cheese with saffron, cheese with black cumin, and smoked cheese. Traditional goat milk cheese, bryndza in brine, bryndza in brine with basil, goat milk bryndza in wine, semi-hard ricotta-type cheese, ricotta-type cheese with basil. Ricotta balls with basil, garlic and pepper, coffee and paprika.  Shredded cheese (cheeses of different ages).

Holytsia cheese farm runs cheese tastings (14 kinds of cheese), excursions, organises camping trips, trekking, mushroom gathering, berry gathering, master classes in goat milking and other types of entertainment. The farm also offers business lunches (cooked over an open fire). The premises host a make-shift museum of old traditional items and a small store with local Carpathian foods.