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We invite you to cooperate


If you share our values, then apply for membership in a Public Union


The management of Public Union "Carpathian Taste" sends you a list of documents for revision (general information about the PU, information on membership fees)


We together appoint time, coordinate the meeting place and discuss your expectations, provide answers to the questions


If you are a manufacturer of products, then you, together with the application for membership, submit product samples for discussion at the Board meeting of the Public Union.


The decision on joining is taken by the Board meeting of a Public Union.

We invite you to cooperate:
  • Representatives of private peasant farms, farmers, enterprises from the Ukrainian Carpathians who produce natural food products and meet the criteria of a Public Union.
  • Public catering and chefs with the interest to idea for promotion of regional products and traditional cuisine consumption from the Carpathians.
  • Retail and wholesale buyers selling natural food.
  • Media representatives, we are interested in cooperation with publishing houses and journalists, bloggers covering the issues of preserving and popularizing the traditions of production and consumption of natural food products, environmental protection.
  • Representatives of travel companies, tour operators interested in organization of gastro-tours, visits to the farm.
  • Representatives of NGOs
  • Other stakeholders who support the ideas of the Public Union "Carpathian taste".

Key Benefits of Membership in the Public Union "Carpathian Taste":

Training / Information Exchange - a professional business environment for all members

Financial support from the FiBL and SECO and consultants from Switzerland

Popularization and promotion of the trademark "Taste of the Ukrainian Carpathians"

The website of the Public Union www.tuca.com.ua and the page in social media https://www.facebook.com/tuca.ua

Network - Strengthening membership - Unity - Protection

Mutual turnover / profit / economic growth in 4 regions of the Carpathian area

Marketing / Advertising, FiBL and SECO support and consultants from Switzerland

Legal, social and professional protection of all members

Mutual projects (participation in trade fairs, Carpathian menu from dishes of members of the PU in Carpathian restaurants, specialized menu)

Organic and sustainable lifestyle

Promotion in the Carpathian region