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Carpathian Gazdas agricultural servicing cooperative

Dairy products

Kateryna Tarasenko
4 Stryiska Street, village of Dashava, Stryi raion, Lviv region
+380 67 329 77 29.
Dairy products

Carpathian Gazdas cooperative is a new cosy place for relaxation. The cooperative farm is located between Lviv and the Carpathians, in the lovely village of Zahirne.

It started from the Roof Above Head centre for IDPs in the neighbouring Dashava. The local Prestyzh hotel offered shelter to IDPs from Kramatorsk, Kharkiv, Donetsk region, Bakhmut, Chernihiv region, Kyiv region and other cities of Ukraine with active hostilities. There is 2 km between Dashava and Zahirne, a 30-minute slow walk.

  • My passion is talking to animals.
  • I am proud that despite the challenges, I can pursue my goals and grow my business.
  • Trust for me means people working together.

In Dashava, you can taste delicious lunches and dinners (for pre-order), relax in the sauna and swim in the pool. At the farm, you can walk around the garden, catch fish in the three ponds and fry fish on the brazier. You can watch goats, chickens, ducks and curly mangalitsa pigs with your kids. At Carpathian Gazdas, you will be invited to a tasting of cheeses made by Kateryna with her assistants.

Some of the cheeses on the assortment include Mountain cheese, cheese smoked on fruit branches, and goat milk cheeses. We welcome IDPs, children and others to have lunch with us or go on an excursion together.  Tired volunteers come here to catch a break. You can stay here for an hour, a day or longer.