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Kostiv, FG

Kostiv Bogdan
village of Poliany, Zolochiv district, Lviv region.
+38 (068) 011 83 82 +38 (066) 062 84 39

Kostiv production

The Kostivs have always been known as bread makers and mechanization experts.  Bohdan Kostiv, who holds a Master’s Degree in Agronomy, contributed to the farm’s switch to vitality mode of production. Such beliefs were stipulated by life in the country, studying at a village school and the profession chosen.

Farming household was established in 1992. Since the beginning and until 2006 the farm was operating under extensive mode of production. In 2006, after certain consideration the farm switched its specialization and is now dealing with vitality foods production, which comply with European organic production standards.

My passion is my vitality production.

I am proud of the achievements and progress already made in vitality production.

Trust for me is who I am since my work is based on trust. Trust is also responsiveness in providing services and taking further steps in your business.

Kostiv products

Vitality products are of higher quality, have better taste qualities, are safe and more natural than products grown using intensive technologies. Today the farm presents vitality cereals, e.g. nigella, amaranth, trigonella, clover, spelt, oats, barley, wheat (black, regular, red, white), green buckwheat, regular and golden linen, lentils, mung bean and white mustard.

In addition to sprouting seeds, the farmer also makes useful no-steam flakes from amaranth, bare seed barley, hulled wheat and green buckwheat.


Bohdan Kostiv, Carpathian Taste PU member

Membership in the PU promotes useful contacts and cooperation. I have high hopes for the development of the PU and as a result my own development and growth of sales.