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Taste of the Ukrainian Carpathians in Bukovel

Not far from Bukovel, in the village of Polianytsia, you can now taste the products from Taste of the Ukrainian Carpathians TM.

Tourists and customers have already given their high appreciation of the taste and quality of products from the Carpathian region. One of the Carpathian Taste PU members, Vasyl Manuliak, has his store Bdzholokrai (Bee Country) there.

A showroom with products from the PU members has recently been set up inside the store. Here you can buy delicious juices, edible oils, Carpathian mushrooms, teas, honey, and many other treats. Producers from Тaste of the Ukrainian Carpathians TM have a philosophy. They believe the most important thing is making products which contain elements of culture.

PU members are convinced that good food should be consumed in its natural form (cheese, meats, honey, grains for sprouting) with moderate thermal processing during cooking.

Food producers insist that consumers who buy their products should receive ideal quality.As a rule, the products made at smaller farms are more expensive than those sold at traditional supermarkets. Such food is natural – made without growth stimulants, colorants, and flavor intensifiers. The cult of food should outweigh mere money-making.