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Hashpar FH

Oleksandr Hashpar
Registered address: 8 Lomonosova St., town of Mukachevo, Transcarpathian region Production facilities: Pid Lisom (By the Forest) area, village of Pavshyno, Mukachevo district
+ 38 (050) 317 83 62
sausage and cured meats

On a farm in the village of Pavshyno, Pid Lisom (“By the Forest”) area, we breed sheep, rem, goats, pigs, cattle, chicken, turkeys, helmeted Guinea-fowl, geese and ducks. Locals eagerly buy poultry for their children, while goat meet, lamb, pork and beef are used to make dry-cured sausages. Since it got the support of Egán Ede Hungarian programme in 2017, the farm has been slowly turning into a hospitality spot open for visitors. Hashpar family Fattoria Lombardia eco-farm is a contact zoo of sorts – an interesting tourist “find” near the city of Mukachevo in Transcarpathian region, where adults and children alike can watch and feed the Hungarian Mangalitsa pigs, sheep, goats, turkeys, helmeted Guinea-fowl and other animals. In a beautiful gazebo on the territory of farm, the hosts have tastings of their products.

My passion is my hobby, which turned into a business that was started by my father.

I am proud of being able to follow in his footsteps.

Trust for me means sincere family relations and the ability to stick up for each other, which makes us even closer and makes the business even stronger.

Hashpar products

  • Sausage, cured meats.
  • Piknytsia sausage in assortment (key ingredients: pork (70%); beef (30%))

Note: Piknytsia (Spicy) is a type of sausage, which got its name from a large amount of red pepper which gives it its spicy taste. Consumers can choose between three types of sausage suited for every taste: without pepper, with pepper and spicy.

  • Salami in assortment, mini-salami to go with beer.
  • Cured Transcarpathian shovdar (pig fat) in assortment.
  • Cured meat: bresaola (beef in bung), culatello (cured shovdar in bladder).
  • Mukachevo specialty: platter of five different types of sausage and cured meats.


Oleksandr Hashpar, Carpathian Taste PU member
Membership in the Carpathian Taste PU is obviously giving opportunities and enhances the potential of farming households.