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Zelenyi Hai eco-farm

Oreste Del Sol
village of Nyzhnye Selyshche, Khust district, Transcarpathian region
+38 (097) 23 52 916
cheese, sausage and cured meats

Zelenyi Hai  production

Oreste Del Sol was born in Paris in the family of Italian emigres. He graduated from Paris school of gastronomy.  Mr. Del Sol has worked in the best restaurants of the world and was maître d’hôtel of the Prime Minister of France. His wife Yolana is a Ukrainian of Hungarian descent. Zelenyi Hai eco-farm is one of the farms of Longo Maï co-operative. Here in Ukraine the family of Frenchman Oreste Del Sol is doing something extremely patriotic – they are reviving animal farming in the Ukrainian Carpathians. They farm goat, cow and pig species typical for the region. The family and local residents work at the farm.

  • My passion is the farm that my wife and I have. We are involved in all stages of production. We love working and experimenting.
  • I am proud that people not only buy our products but they also buy our work philosophy.
  • Trust for me means the feedback of our customers and their recognition. And it could not be different – we make products from our heart.

Zelenyi Hai  products

Goat milk cheese, sausage (salami), bacon and other pork products for family and friends. Oreste Del Sol is convinced that farming should be guided by the following three rules: grow something on your own land, turn it into product and sell it yourself.

Oreste Del Sol, member of the Carpathian Taste PU

Proud of being a member of Carpathian Taste PU and wants to continue bringing people together under common idea. This is not easy, however, as not everybody understands what it means. We need to unite and support each other to be able to withstand the “attack” of supermarkets and globalization, to be able to keep our businesses afloat.