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Tasting for Tourist Industry Experts Held at Lviv International Forum of Tourism and Hospitality 2021.

Carpathian Taste PU participates in Lviv International Forum of Tourism and Hospitality 2021.

An introductory tasting was conducted for tourist industry experts by Carpathians Taste PU. During the tasting, the Executive Director of the Public Union told the guests about the operation’s activities. Towards the end, everybody got a chance to taste the products from the Carpathian TM.

“We have a vast potential; our members are very hard-working and hospitable people,” Halyna Batyus stated. We have so many places that are appealing to tourists, farms and little-known sites – you will need a lot of time to explore them all. I wish everyone to have exciting discoveries during your travels and always taste authentic, delicious, and local foods. This is the only way to experience the specifics of the country, region, town, its exciting and landmark places.

” This year the event was organized with the support of the State Agency for Tourism Development in Ukraine, local authorities, and leading tourist industry experts of Ukraine. More than 80 companies from Lithuania, Poland, and Ukraine attended the forum. The Lviv International Forum of Tourism and Hospitality traditionally takes place in mid-fall, welcoming hospitality and tourism industry experts from Ukraine and abroad. The Lviv Forum had several thematic blocks: tourism, hospitality, and restaurant business.

The key objective of this year’s forum was to explore tourist potential and less known places of Ukraine, showcase new achievements in tourism and hospitality to a wide circle of experts.

Topics of the forum: tourist products and infrastructure objects; recreational, adventure, and eco-tourism; language courses abroad; transportation and air flights; insurance and IT technologies in tourism; professional equipment for hotels and restaurants; dishware, textile, and uniforms; information and communication technologies; entertainment equipment for hospitality and entertainment industry; non-profit organizations, associations, and unions in tourism and hospitality industry.