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7 Ivana Franka St., village of Herasymiv, Tlumach district, Ivano-Frankivsk region
+38 (050) 581-31-12

Vasyl Manulyak’s production
Vasyl Manulyak’s bee farm is located high in the Carpathian mountains. Here the farmer
not only does the job he loves but also teaches the young generation and helps those
who need treatment. The Carpathian bee is not only extremely hardworking but also
possesses highly efficient healing properties.

  • My passion is bees, honey and my bee farm.
  • I am proud that my bee farm is «the most upland» farm in the Carpathians, that we
    have a club of bee farmers and a recreational facility «Resting on Beehives».
  • Trust for me is the result of my professionalism.

Vasyl Manulyak’s products
Herbal, linden and pine honey made of animal honeydew (sweet sticky liquid on plant
leaves in the form of sweet secretions of insects, namely aphids) or honeydew
(sweet juice appearing on leaves or pine-needles after drastic temperature change).
Bee farmer Vasyl Manulyak sells his products under Bdzholokray TM and has a number
of sales locations in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Vasyl Manulyak, Carpathian Taste PU member
PU member since 2016. I want to see the PU as a strong team of like-minded people.