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Lviv region

Lviv region agribusiness is a multi-sectoral unity with specialized complexes within its structure.

Horticulture 61% (cereal products, sugar beet, fruit and vegetable processing)
Animal farming 39% (meat industry, dairy industry, poultry industry)
In general, 58% of Lviv region are occupied by agricultural lands, including:

  • 69%  – plough land
  • 29%  –  hayfields and pastures
  • 2%  –  perennial plants.

Useful websites: Department of Agribusiness Development of Lviv Regional State Administration


Lviv region has a long tradition of agriculture, which was historically created around the city of Lviv and its transport routes.

On the territory of Lviv region, Carpathian Taste PU unites producers of natural foods, including: