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Dary Hutsulshchyny ASC

Serhiy Teren
Urban village of Putyla, Chernivtsi region
+38 (067) 969-31-87

The cooperative, established in 2015, operates amid the picturesque Carpathians in the clean district of Putyla where the mountains and forests spread across the territory of 100 km and there are no plants and factories. The main specialization of cooperative is procurement, processing and storage of wild plants (mushrooms and berries).

Members of the cooperative sell the products they make on the territory of Ukraine – in retail stores and restaurants. In the future, we want to develop a modern eco-friendly production. Professional technologists are processing the raw material into high quality products using old family recipes of mountain people (the Hutsuls). A combination of qualified manual labour, our effort and the unique mountainous climate provide consumers with products under Dary Hutsulshchyny TM that have the unique taste and smell of genuine Carpathian mushrooms and teas.

My passion lies in making ecological products.
I am proud that each resident of Putyla district has an opportunity to make some extra money by handing in clean raw material (mushrooms and berries) to the cooperative for processing.
Trust for me is the foundation for the development of Dary Hutsulshchyny agricultural cooperative and economic growth of the Carpathian region.


Dary Hutsulshchyny products
Dried mushrooms, pickled mushrooms and fresh mushrooms – porcini, chanterelle, honey fungus and birch bolete; fresh and processed berries – bilberry, raspberry and blackberry; teas made from mountain herbs.


Serhiy Teren, Carpathian Taste PU member
PU member since 2018. We are hoping that with the help of PU more people will learn about our company, which represents an eco-friendly region and its products.