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The 2020 Origin, Diversity and Territories Forum took place in France on October 5-7, 2020.

Every year the Forum brings together hundreds of participants, turning into a stage for exchanging practices and knowledge in the interaction of cultural and biological diversity, dynamics of territory development, and improvement of products where quality is determined by provenance. The Forum unites scientists, politicians, researchers and other actors involved in designing new modes of thinking and development where the essence, provenance, quality, and regional specificity are catalysts for the development of territories.

The globalization of trade has a significant impact on food systems. It raises several environmental and socially important issues: loss of biodiversity, depletion of soils, water and air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, lack of food, unfair distribution of food and desertion of rural areas. The assessment of situation lies at the core of joint work of consumers, producers and other food industry stakeholders. That is why the 2020 ODT Forum is aimed at finding ways to overcome the issues and exchange experiences.

The Carpathian Taste PU was an online participant of the Forum and took part in a panel discussion to inform the other participants about the PU activities and discuss a number of important issues with them.