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Two Katerynas’ Farm Unites Eastern and Western Ukraine

Is it possible for a woman to start a business from scratch with just a strong determination to  make big ambitions become a reality? Having uprooted herself moving from East to West of Ukraine, the woman was fortunate to meet a partner who shared her interests and aspirations.

Our team aimed to highlight life stories of ordinary women with unusual life paths and the story of two women from different parts of the country who started their own business impressed us. So, we decided to contact them and they kindly accepted our interview.

Kharkiv Observer correspondent talked to 61-year-old Kateryna Tarasenko-Lisova from Alchevsk, the Luhansk region, and Kateryna Ilkiv, 34 years old, from the village of Oriv, Lviv region, who showed by their example that anything is possible.