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Taste of Ukrainian Carpathians Gastronomic Tour in Lviv

Quality rest you can get in Ukraine. Lvivites and guests of the city are invited to a unique tasting event  –  “Taste of the Ukrainian Carpathians”.

Connoisseurs of tasty and useful products are cordially invited to an exciting gastronomic tasting “Taste of the Ukrainian Carpathians” from the Carpathian region producers held at the Klymentiy Sheptytskyi Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life in Lviv (Shevchenkivskyi Hai), in a hut brought from the village of Zarichevo,

Here, in the open air or at the chimniless hut brought from the village of Zarichevo, you can taste delicious specialties from the four regions of Carpathians (Lviv, Zakarpattia, Sub-Carpathia, and Bukovyna) and learn a lot about the traditional Carpathian culture.

This gastronomic tour is beloved not only by Lviv residents but also by tourists from various corners of Ukraine. We have also had guests from Canada, China, Italy, Poland, Belarus, the USA, Azerbaijan, etc.

During the “Taste of the Ukrainian Carpathians” tasting, the guests are treated to a combination of various Carpathian delicacies, exclusively organic and natural. The uniqueness and variety of flavours are stipulated by the provenance, specificity of production, and a well-thought harmonious combination of seemingly familiar products.

Menu (tasting platter) is formed by the client according to their preference and, as a rule, consists of:

  • Carpathian aperitif
  • Meat platter – 6 types of meat delicacies
  • Cheese platter (cow, sheep, and goat cheese milk) – 6 types of mature, young, hard-pressed or soft cheese made with the use of different technologies
  • A glass of artisan red wine
  • Natural juices made from wild and traditional fruit, a selection
  • Bee-farming products: Carpathian tea, medovukha (mead), honey dragee
  • Lekvars and jams made from Carpathian wild berries and fruit
  • Carpathian tea and mushrooms
  • Edible oils
  • Bread, pate
  • Carpathian digestive “one for the road” –  palinka

In addition to the standard tasting, you can book an exclusive tasting event (with a different assortment of products from the Carpathian Taste PU producers).

  • Duration: 60 min.
  • A minimum break between tourist groups – 30 min.
  • Tastings are booked in advance.
  • The number of people per group  –  between 8 and 20.
  • It is a complete gastronomic excursion in Lviv suitable for children and grown-ups.
  • Price of standard tasting   –  300 UAH per person.

To book a tasting:

+380675698639,  office@tuca.com.ua