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ECO-Karpaty, FH

Ihor Nebylovych
129 Oblisky St., town of Dolyna, Ivano-Frankivsk region
+38 (050) 665-74-90 + 38 (034) 772-77-30
cheese, milk

Eko-Karpaty production is located in the village of Mala Turya (Ivano-Frankivsk region) and it started out as a cheese farm for which the animals were bought.

The history of Eko-Karpaty farming household dates back to 2013 when 10 German Merino sheep were bought to form a herd and later sell young breeder. Today Eko-Karpaty farming household has 200 Alpine and Saanen goats and 60 German Merino meat breed goats.

German Merino breed. The farm has modern milking equipment. All cheeses are made from pasteurized milk. To start making natural goat cheeses, Eko-Karpaty owner Ihor Nebylovych learnt from Swiss and French cheese makers. He then started breeding Alpine and Saanen goats and making quality cheese and dairy products.

My passion is farming.

I am proud of our high quality tasty products.

It is hard for me to define what trust is.

Eko-Karpaty products

Horhan hard-pressed goat cheese – hard-pressed cheese with pepper.

Brie soft goat cheese – mould-covered cheese with intense aroma and creamy texture.

Budz young goat cheese – rennet cheese stored in brine with delicate milky and salty taste.

Boikivskyi hard-pressed goat cheese – hard-pressed cheese (ripening period – 3 months) with textured rind and intense aroma.

Khallumi goat cheese with Provence herbs – rennet cheese with Provence herbs.

Feta soft goat cheese – soft goat cheese in oil with pepper or herbs.

Ihor Nebylovych, Carpathian Taste PU member

PU member since 2016. A positive aspect is that PU membership brings us new interesting and useful connections, the experience of other PU members which helps us learn.