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 TM " Taste the Ukrainian Carpathians" is a guarantee that products labeled our logo comes from the Carpathians ,

have high quality and excellent taste and according to established criteria. The owner TM " Taste the Ukrainian Carpathians"

is a social union "Carpathian Taste " created on the initiative of producers in the region of the Ukrainian Carpathians .



Latest News

Chervene Wine Festival 2015

Annual festival "Chervene Wine Festivel 2016" was held In the city Mukachevo.

Strategy meeting

Meeting between Directorate of PU "Carpathian taste", FIBL representatives  and strategic partners was held on December 1, 2015.

General Assembly 2015

 Annual PU "Carpathian taste" General Assembly was held on 28 - 29 November 2015

Tasty recipes for every day

Beregovsky Hungarian Bogrash-Goulash

A bogrács is a heavy pot used to cook outdoors, usually over a wood fire. It has a distinctive round shape and is made with either stainless steel, porcelain, cast iron, or cooper with some pots containing an enameled coating. Bogrács can come in a variety of sizes from small to very large. In English, the term bogrács is translated as “kettle“, “cauldron” or “stewpot“.

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Banos - part of Hutsul soul

Banosh is one of the most popular Hutsul dishes in Ukraine. By tradition men usually cooked it in the open air. Banosh is considered to be one of the variants of mamaliga.

The tastiest banosh cook in Carpathians. Historically the main components of banosh were sour cream and brynza. The sour cream was kept 3 days in a cellar before cooking.

However you can cook not less tasty banosh at home too.

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